Fixture Group:

Dumfries Mens Darts A League


Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue
03/11/14 08:00 PM Hole I Wa Normandy C Hole I Wa
03/11/14 08:00 PM Lochar Inn Dickies Lochar Inn
03/11/14 08:00 PM Normandy A Devorgilla Normandy
03/11/14 08:00 PM White Hart Stag White Hart
10/11/14 08:00 PM Devorgilla Lochar Inn Devorgilla
10/11/14 08:00 PM Dickies Hole I Wa Dickies
10/11/14 08:00 PM Normandy C Stag Normandy
10/11/14 08:00 PM White Hart Normandy A White Hart

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